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Far Cry New Dawn Sales

UK Sales Chart: Far Cry New Dawn Sales Are 85% Lower Than Far Cry 5

But the numbers aren’t great for Far Cry.

How to get the Far Cry new Dawn Sam Fisher suit Splinter Cell

How to Find the Sam Fisher Suit in Far Cry New Dawn – Paladin’s Secret Trophy

Splinter Cell might not be back, but you can roleplay.

Far Cry New Dawn Day One Update Makes Sure You See Enemies

The patch will fix issues with player inventory, UI, missions, NPCs, and more.

Far Cry Blood Dragon Outfit in New Dawn

How to Unlock the Far Cry Blood Dragon Outfit in New Dawn

You can acquire the outfit by purchasing it or unlocking it in-game.

Far Cry New Dawn Review Header 3

Far Cry New Dawn Review – Sins of The Father (PS4)

After the bombs fell, death begat new life, which begat more death.

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince release of the week

Release of the Week 2/11/19 – 2/17/19 – The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

It has liars and blind people. Do you really need anything else?

Far Cry New Dawn Redbox

Far Cry New Dawn Will Be Available to Rent at Redbox

Get frugal for the post-apocalypse.

Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn

Even Bethesda and Ubisoft Are Joking About Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn Parallels

Pink is indeed all the rage.

Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions

Hands-on With Far Cry New Dawn’s Expedition Mode

Let’s go on an Expedition!

far cry new dawn dlc

Don’t Expect Post-Launch DLC for Far Cry New Dawn

A surprising move for Ubisoft.

far cry new dawn changes

Creative Director Calls Far Cry New Dawn an ‘Evolution’ of the Far Cry Series

It’s gonna be a far cry from its own series.

metro exodus launch date

Deep Silver Isn’t Worried About Metro Exodus’ Crowded Launch Date

Deep Silver’s confident Metro will succeed despite a new Far Cry.

far cry new dawn complete

Far Cry: New Dawn Has Officially Gone Gold One Month Ahead of Its Debut

A new apocalypse is nearly upon us.

Far Cry: New Dawn Will Have ‘Light RPG’ Mechanics

Squeeze those outposts dry.

far cry new dawn rating

Far Cry: New Dawn’s ESRB Rating Reveals Some Lewd Dialogue

Speed b*ners and hard d*cks, anyone?

PlayStation Games 2019

Sony Shows Off What’s in Store for the PS4 with ‘Coming Attractions’

2019 and beyond!

far cry new dawn video

Far Cry: New Dawn Shows What’s Changed in Hope County Since Far Cry 5

The apocalypse changes everything.

far cry 5 pastor jerome

Far Cry 5’s Pastor Jerome Returns in Far Cry: New Dawn Gameplay Footage

Familiar faces and familiar places.

Fend Off Highwaymen in Far Cry New Dawn’s Lush World

A standalone sequel to Far Cry 5.

far cry new dawn the game awards

Far Cry: New Dawn Releasing in February, Direct Sequel to Ending of Far Cry 5

What happens after the nukes fall?