How to Find the Sam Fisher Suit in Far Cry New Dawn – Paladin’s Secret Trophy

The last Splinter Cell game came out in 2013, but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from teasing Sam Fisher and his distinctive three glowing green dots on his face mask. Making appearances as recently as Ghost Recon: Wildlandsit seems like Ubisoft isn’t quite ready to put this agent to bed just yet. His latest appearance comes in Far Cry New Dawn, where you can find his iconic suit to wear for yourself and earn the Paladin’s Secret Trophy or Achievement while you’re at it.

How to Find the Sam Fisher Suit in Far Cry New Dawn

First up, you’ll need to have Expeditions unlocked. You’ll unlock these pretty early on in Prosperity. Keep doing Expeditions until you reach the downed government plane one.

Once you enter this Expedition, make your way to the front end of the plane (there are multiple parts of the plane scattered around. You don’t want the one with the truck inside it). Enter the front end of the plane and you’ll see a laptop on the lower levels in a big room with an enormous screen on one side. Interact with the laptop and the screen will light up. Now you can go get the suit.

Climb the ladder that’s near the front of the room to head to the upper floor (not out on top of the plane). In the next room over, you’ll see a panel has moved away to reveal the Sam Fisher suit. Walk up and hold Square to collect it. In order to keep the suit, you’ll need to complete the Expedition. If you die before you finish it, you’ll have to collect the suit all over again.

Now head into your menu and equip the Sam Fisher outfit! Check out the video below if you’re having trouble identifying the exact location.

Teases for a new Splinter Cell keep cropping up, from the voice actor teasing things just last month, to rumors that were swirling around E3 last year due to a supposed leak. Ubisoft has commented on the series’ future and place in the industry, as well as saying that another game is a “question of means.” Ubisoft clearly knows there’s a demand for the franchise, so with Easter eggs like the one above, it’s only a matter of time until we see good old Sam Fisher back in action for real.