‘Greatness Awaits’ Possibly Sony’s PS4 Advertising Tagline, Suggests Supposed Leaked Document

We’re just over a month away from Sony’s big E3 press conference, with other events scheduled between now and then, and if an alleged document obtained by Siliconera is true, the tagline Sony might be using for the PlayStation 4 is “Greatness Awaits.”

This supposed leak comes from a source they name as the same person who brought the “Step Your Game Up” slogan to light a few years back, and it shows off the below image detailing a commercial (click on it for a better view):


Judging by the description and the quotes found on Siliconera, this seems to be an all-encompassing PlayStation trailer, showing off many different genres, with Killzone, Destiny, and possibly FIFA getting some big attention.

Whether or not this tagline proves to be real will just be a matter of waiting and seeing, with E3 being a likely place for the greatness to make its debut.

Do you think ‘Greatness Awaits’ is a good choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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