Sony E3 2013 Press Conference to be Held on Monday, June 10th, Get Ready For the PS4

The date and time for when you’ll be given the opportunity to (hopefully) see the PlayStation 4 in all its glory, some more games for the new system, surprise announcements, and Kaz has been confirmed by Sony.

Their E3 2013 Press Conference is set for Monday, June 10th at 6PM PST/9PM EST/ 1AM /2AM CET / 3AM CAT, with streaming options likely being available on their website and PlayStation Home, but that has yet to be detailed. And when reached for comment on whether or not you’ll be able to watch the livestream directly on PlayStation LifeStyle, Sebastian Moss, Editor-in-Chief and Animal Lover, said with a steely gaze, “probably.”

What do you hope to see at E3 2013? What kind of surprises do you think are in store? Do you think there’s going to be a PS3 or PS Vita price drop? Let us know in the comments below.

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