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Adam Boyes: “I Have Such a Crush” on Shuhei Yoshida, “I Want to Grab his Cheeks”

As part of the roundtable PSLS attended that just keeps on giving, Adam Boyes has revealed he’s just like the rest of us.

He said, when talking about how the PS4 used games vid was a joke:

Shuhei Yoshida… I have such a crush on him, I literally… I just want to grab his cheeks. He is just the most infectious guy.

Meanwhile, Yoshida talked to CVG about his appearance on the E3 stage:

Yeah! I was totally excited and lots of people tweeted me to say that I looked so happy. I was happy there, but going in at the beginning of the planning of E3 I said, because it’s in English, we have a great presenter who’s the head of US development – he did the press conference last year – and he should do it. But people said, “this is the launch year of PS4 – people want to hear from you.” Initially I was like “ah!” but in the end I felt great.

Ok, we’ll admit it, this isn’t really ‘news’, but more of a public service announcement – Shuhei Yoshida is awesome, follow him on Twitter. More than any other exec in any gaming company, Yoshida answers interviewers questions openly and honestly, and spends more time with anyone interacting on Twitter with the community. Plus, it’s clear he genuinely cares about gaming and gamers. And this.

Then there’s the way he ‘trolled’ the Wii U (via):


The way Shuhei Yoshida operates as an exec is something that should be embraced (and not just in the Adam Boyes way), and is vital in improving developer/platform holder relationships with consumers.

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