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EA “Aggressively Getting out of the Pre-order Business”, Aims to Get Extra $20-30 Out of Consumers Per Game Through DLC, Microtransactions

E3 might be all the rage for consumers, but investors are also keeping a close eye on everything that’s happening at the show.

During an investor meeting at E3, EA COO Peter Moore explained how they plan to make more money.

We’re aggressively getting out of the pre-order business. We’re looking at the customer more from an [Average Revenue Per User] perspective than a $60 perspective. We see a great opportunity to get $80 or $90 from that customer, but up-front it’s just $60.

Instead of pre-order content, the company plans to sell you extra content (DLC, microtransactions). Currently, they get 10% of their console revenue this way, but plan to increase it.

Told you.