PlayStation Vita Has “A Lot of Content Being Built for it,” With “Tons of it From Indies”

During the Sony E3 Press Conference back on Monday, the PS Vita was given a very miniscule amount of announcements, with everything pretty much revolving around ports, leaving many people disappointed.

During his roundtable, Adam Boyes, VP of Third Party Relations at SCEA, addressed the PlayStation Vita’s software situation, mentioning upcoming titles like Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate and The Walking Dead, while adding that “we still have a lot of content being built for it,” with “tons of it from indies.”

He then explained:

One of our best kept secrets is that between PS3 and PS4, we had a big revolution around how our tools and technology and development stuff SDK’s work, and that was the Vita. So a lot of people, once they discover this, they’re like ‘wow, it’s really easy to make content for it.’ So now, what we did is, you know there used to be all these…bumps in the road to try and get to it and now we’re like ‘no, no let’s get the developer a development kit and let them start working on it’. So we’ve got a lot of great developers that are building content for it.

On the topic of how he thinks the PlayStation Vita can be more competitive, Adam believes “content is really key and ensuring that people are getting the kind of content that they want to play on it.” After adding that he thinks “a lot of people didn’t expect indie content to sell so well” and mentioning how Guacamelee! performed so well on PS3/Vita, Adam said that “ensuring [the Vita] becomes a key part of the ecosystem” is another big aspect for success, with his belief that Remote Play makes it “the greatest peripheral for a console.”