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Sony Releases Trailer for “The PlayRoom”: Tech Demo of PS Camera/DualShock 4 Mini-games on PS4


Sony has released a trailer for The Playroom, a tech demo showcasing the PlayStation Camera and DualShock 4.

Playable at E3, Sony has been coy about whether the demos will make their way to the PS4 when it launches this holiday, but the DS4 Pong game did certainly look interesting. At the end of the trailer, you see someone drawing an object on a Sony phone and flicking it to the screen, where it materializes. Sony has confirmed that they plan to support Android and iOS phones/tablets with that feature, and the mind can only boggle at what this could mean for LittleBigPlanet 3.

The PlayStation Camera, previously known as the PS4eye, is not included with the $399 PS4, and will sell separately for $59/€49/£44.