Peter Dinklage to Play a “Ghost” in Destiny, Be Your “Interactive Companion”

In a move that’s certain to get resident Game of Thrones fan Dan Oravasaari swooning, Bungie has confirmed that Peter Dinklage will be in Destiny.

Bungie community manager ‘DeeJ’ said that the actor, best known for portraying Tyrion Lannister in GoT, will be playing a ghost in the game:

Peter Dinklage is the voice of the ghost in this demo. As you learn more about Destiny, you just might be hearing more from him.

The ghost is your interactive companion, he’s your partner, he’s your wingman. You’ll take him with you everywhere you go. A lot of Destiny is about going into these ruins of our lost civilizations and unlocking their secrets so that we can safeguard our future. The ghost is going to be a bit part of that. So when you come across technology from the golden age that fell and collapsed, when that cataclysm occurred, the ghost will be the thing that you pull out to resurrect that technology.

The game is out next year for PS3, PS4, 360, and One, with exclusive content planned for PlayStation systems.