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The Witness Out Early 2014, Has a 25+ Hour Single Player Campaign

The Witness has been in development for what seems like an eternity after being announced back in 2009, but gamers thought they would finally be able to play it this year on PS4. Sadly, the timed exclusive (no money was involved) will be pushed back into yet another calendar year – but at least not for very long.

After first sharing his candid thoughts on the Xbox and Sony to the PS LiveCast audience, Jonathan Blow said that he hopes to get the game out in “early 2014.”

But there’s a reason for the long development time – The Witness has “like a 25+ hour single player campaign” and it could have been “50 hours, but we cut half of it.”

Jonathan said that he was most proud of the fact that they’re “able to put together something this complex, and that it still doesn’t lose its heart, and doesn’t get diluted through just having to be big.”

Are you excited for the latest indie creation from the mind behind Braid? Share your thoughts in the comments below while you dream of being able to play with the PS4.