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Braid and The Witness Creator Teases Prototype for His Next Game

Braid and The Witness creator Jonathan Blow showed off an early version of a new title he is currently working on during his presentation at the recently concluded Reboot Develop conference in Croatia.

In his talk at the conference where he spoke about making game programming easier, he showed of what looks like a grid-based game where a character is able to push around blocks. Blow made it clear that the game is still very early into development as he has shifted focus to making the game’s in-game editor and engine. He also mentioned that the engine would be available for free to use for developers.

You can see the game at the 5:32:45 mark in the video above.

Blow refrained from showing more of the game as he said he didn’t want to officially announce it yet. It will probably be awhile until Blow’s next game comes out. His last game, The Witness, started development in 2008 and was released just last year, around eight years later.

[Source: Reboot Develop (Twitch) via GameSpot]