Yoshida on Developing PS4 Remote Play For Vita: “It Just Happens”, “You Just Make a PS4 game, it Supports Remote Play.”

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida recently said that all PS4 games would support Remote Play for the PlayStation Vita (except for ones that require the PS Camera/Move), but there was still a concern that it was just an offhand Twitter remark, or that it would split developers’ attention and give them less resources to make great games. Thankfully, we can now confirm it is true, and it should be easy for developers to implement.

Yoshida told Engadget:

On PlayStation 4, it just happens. You just make a PS4 game, it supports Remote Play.


The single biggest issue, why there are not many PlayStation 3 games that support Remote Play, was that it was optional — the system didn’t do much. The game has to set aside some memory or CPU to be able to do that, and usually, memory is the most precious resource that [development] teams fight amongst each other for. So when it comes down to the priorities, these are features that are very easy to drop.

He explained that Sony offloaded the responsibility for Remote Play support to the console itself, so developers don’t need to focus on that.

Please make sure that when you play your games on Vita, the control is good. That’s the minimum thing we’re asking them to do.

Sony’s E3 2013 was noticeably low on Vita announcements, but does near-universal remote play make up for that? Let us know in the comments below.