Ubisoft CEO’s Favorite Non-Ubi Developer is Blizzard, Favorite Character is Rayman

To help connect with their fans a little bit more, Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft and 18th Hottest Man in Games, answered some questions as part of a community Q&A on the UbiBlog.

Interestingly, Yves named Blizzard as his favorite developer outside of Ubisoft, because “they really get it” and “really understand their strengths and what makes them unique and they are performing extremely well at the moment.” As for his favorite games of E3, where this interview was conducted, he pointed out both TitanFall and Destiny because “they’re pushing the boundaries and really pushing us along at the same time. We love competition because we love that the industry is always evolving.”

Touching on the next generation of consoles, which they have a lot of games in development for, Yves said that one of the biggest things for games on these new machines is “more understanding of what the player wants to do, then determining how we can provide this for them.”

Finally, picking favorites, Guillemot named Rayman as his all-time favorite Ubisoft character “because he really made Ubisoft in a lot of ways,” with Yves mentioning how it was a PS1 launch title that attained worldwide popularity. Looking at more recent years though, he said the Assassins from Assassin’s Creed would be his favorite.

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