The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Turns 1, Here’s all 64 Games That Were Offered

Though you probably forgot to send them a card, the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection celebrates its first birthday this week by looking back at the 64 games that have been made available for free, in addition to all the June free games (click on the image for a larger view):


As our very own Chandler Wood (look our for his Morning Wood giving away free stuff this weekend) pointed out, with PlayStation Plus 1 year memberships sitting at $49.99, it’s “less than a dollar each basically” and PS+ as a whole is “only getting better.” If all the games were bought new, that’d cost $1854.86, as counted by GameRev.

Looking at the near future of PlayStation Plus, we should be expecting the whole July 2013 lineup of new entries to be announced on Monday, with Deus Ex: Human Revolution leaving the IGC on Tuesday. Further in the future, on PS4, we know that DriveClub PS+ Edition will be free right off the bat, followed by one new title each month. And in case you missed it, PlayStation Plus will be required for online multiplayer, which we discussed on Daily Reaction.

What are your thoughts on PlayStation Plus? The favorite game you received free? Let us know in the comments below.