Naughty Dog Plans to Support The Last of Us Multiplayer “for a Long Time”, New Developer Diary Released

Next up in the long line of developer diaries for The Last of Us is Them or Us, a video detailing how Naughty Dog approached combat and the various ways the game brings you into that combat.

As a bit of a warning to anyone who hasn’t played the game, this does show off quite a few story moments that aren’t too spoilery, but definitely don’t watch this if you want to keep everything a surprise:

To get caught up on the previous episodes, follow this link for Death and Choices, this one for Wasteland Beautiful, and this one for Meet the Infected.

If you’d prefer to watch the entire 90-minute Grounded documentary for The Last of Us, simply purchase the Season Pass for $19.99, which will also give you access to one single player DLC pack and two multiplayer DLC packs.

Meanwhile, on the PS Blog, Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist, addressed a comment by user who called The Last of Us multiplayer “THE HARDEST….TIGHTEST, MULTI PLAYER I EVER PLAYED” and randomly added “THE LAST OF US 2 PS4 YES” by saying:

Your guess is as good as mine! Thanks for the MP love. We’ll be supporting it for a long time.

Considering that Naughty Dog is still supporting the Uncharted 3 multiplayer, thanks to the new F2P model, and The Last of Us has some multiplayer DLC in the works, expect Eric’s statement to hold true.

Have you beaten The Last of Us yet? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.