New The Last of Us Developer Diary is all About Death and Choices

The newest developer diary for The Last of Us, Death and Choices, goes into detail about the crafting system, as well as all the choices you’re forced to make in order to survive:

As for that pesky multiplayer we still have no details about, Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, wrote a few replies on the PS Blog, saying that news “is imminent” and “we will be talking about it very shortly if everything syncs up.”

What we do know is that The Last of Us demo within God of War: Ascension goes live at the end of this month, with full details about what it entails “shortly.” For the Day 1 Digital status, Eric didn’t actually confirm it (even though we already know it’s happening), just pointing out that they’ll “let everyone know soon.” And Naughty Dog “will be giving more details on [the 50% download and play] later on. We have some true programming gurus working at the studio.”

Basically, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to hear official word from Naughty Dog about a lot of things regarding The Last of Us, so stay tuned.

If this was your first developer diary, be sure to check out the previous videos, Wasteland Beautiful and Meet the Infected, for more The Last of Us insight.

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