Naughty Dog on The Last of Us DLC: “We Aren’t Sure What it is Yet” but are “Already Planning and Working Hard”

Trying to figure out just what we can expect to see from the DLC Naughty Dog is making for The Last of Us seems to be a fools errand at this point, with only minimal clues involving that it’ll be a “side story” and [only click the link if you’ve beaten the game due to spoilers].

Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, has already made an appearance on PSLS earlier today when talking about multiplayer support, but he continued the talk, this time focusing on the DLC:

We are working on something – the DLC – but we aren’t sure what it is yet. We’ll let you know once we figure it out.

In a separate reply, he also said:

We can’t wait to get working on the DLC and share it with you.

Finally adding:

We’re already planning and working hard on the DLC.

What these comments probably mean are that they have a general idea of what they want to do with the DLC, but haven’t finalized the direction. Still, hearing this does probably mean that we won’t be seeing the DLC any time soon.

Eric also got to a few other comments, saying that “re-playing the story is the best compliment ever,” he’d pass along to the multiplayer team the idea of having a hardcore mode (no HUD, listen mode, etc),” and they’ll look over the Uncharted 3 trophies to “see what’s reasonable if/when we any [change] anything.”

We seem to be asking this a lot, but what would you like to see from The Last of Us DLC and when would be the ideal time for them to release it? Let us know in the comments below.