The Catch-Up: July 4th, 2013 – Beyond: Two Souls $35 Pre-Orders Being Cancelled, New Grand Theft Auto V Wallpapers

Due to Independence Day, news has been pretty slow, but it didn’t stop at least a few small pieces of information leaking into the world.

General News

  • You might recall that the Sony Store was offering a pre-order of Beyond: Two Souls for $35 recently. Unfortunately, via an email received by our very own Chandler Wood, we can tell you that they are cancelling all of those pre-0rders, but are giving you a $5 e-Coupon towards the re-purchase of the game. So, it’s not much. [Wood]
  • A trio of Batman: Arkham Origins wallpapers are available for download at this link.
  • Rockstar posted two new wallpapers for Grand Theft Auto V, featuring Lamar, Franklin’s partner-in-crime, and Tracey and Jimmy, Michael’s progeny. Check them out at this link. [Source]
  • Until July 10th, DUST 514 will be holding a Triple Skill Point Event. [Source]
  • In Killzone: Shadow Fall, you’ll be able to customize the skin of your OWL, with Guerrilla Games posting this concept [Twitter]:


New Video

  • Keeping #PlayStationMemories going, Sony released this look back on the PlayStation 1. How many games can you spot?

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