Beyond: Two Souls Pre-Order Just $34.99 at the Sony Store in the United States (Update: Back up to $59.99)

Update: It is now back up to $59.99, so it seems like the sale is over.

Original Story: Well, this is a very surprising sale that no one was expecting. The Sony Store (only in the United States) is currently listing a pre-order of Beyond: Two Souls for just $34.99, $25 off the regular price.

On top of this, you receive free shipping for Beyond: Two Souls when it launches in early October. We don’t know how many copies they have available, or how long this sale will last, so if you want the game, head to their website now and pre-order your copy!

If you don’t mind paying $59.99 though, keep in mind that the GameStop version of the game includes a steelbook, behind the scenes videos, soundtrack, a PS3 theme, PSN avatar pack, and an exclusive 30 minute playable DLC scene.

Can you believe this sale? Did you manage to get a copy? Let us know in the comments below.


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