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Beyond: Two Souls Has Sold 2.8 Million Copies Across PS3/PS4

Beyond: Two Souls‘ sales numbers have not received a public update in years. The last major milestone of note places the game at having reached one million units sold in 2013 alone. Nearly five years later and this number still manages to impress, as Beyond launched in early October of that year. In 2016, a PlayStation 4 version released. Its performance on the new hardware failed to receive a reveal. Thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Guillaume de Fondaumière, Quantic Dream’s founder and CEO, sales details are now known.

According to Fondaumière, Beyond: Two Souls, across both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, has moved 2.8 million units. It’s unclear when these sales numbers were last taken, so there’s difficulty in nailing down how accurate they are now. Regardless, 2.8 million isn’t milestone to scoff at; it’s especially impressive considering the divisiveness surrounding the game. At its initial launch, we gave it a 8.5/10, lamenting the controls but celebrating the narrative and groundbreaking animations.

By comparison, Heavy Rain has crossed five million copies sold since its original PlayStation 3 launch in 2010. Quantic Dream’s most recent project, Detroit: Become Human, is enjoying success of its own as well. In a mere two weeks, Detroit sales hit one million. Heavy Rain reached the same milestone in five weeks. Without a doubt, Detroit: Become Human appears as though it is primed to become Quantic Dream’s most successful title to date.

While these games continue to perform well, the wait for Quantic Dream’s next project begins. As of late 2015, David Cage is quoted as saying that there were no plans for a Beyond: Two Souls sequel. But things are looking up for fans wanting to return to the world of Detroit. In a recent Reddit AMA, Cage revealed that he and the team weren’t ruling out the possibility of a part two.

[Source via GamingBolt]