Get Three Quantic Dream Classics in One Quantic Dream Collection Bundle

With surprisingly little fanfare, Quantic Dream Collection has released digitally and in-stores for the PlayStation 4. This bundle of the French studio’s better known PlayStation titles includes Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. Fans interested in picking up the bundle of games can do so for the price of $39.99.

The collection hit PlayStation’s digital storefront and select stores, such as Best Buy, on December 4, 2018. Overall, it’s a good deal. Because these three Quantic Dream titles are remarkably similar gameplay-wise, despite their completely separate premises, the bundles should feel like a solid 3-in-1 experience. In this way, it’s akin to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which combines the first three Uncharted games into one package for the PlayStation 4.

Heavy Rain is the oldest of the three Quantic Dream projects, having launched in early 2010. A crime drama, Heavy Rain follows four characters who embark on separate missions to hunt down the Origami Killer. Eventually, their paths collide, culminating in a dynamic ending where anything goes. Even after the acclaim and success of Detroit: Become Human, many maintain that Heavy Rain is still the studio’s best title.

Beyond: Two Souls released in late 2013. Despite middling review scores, it went on to sell one million copies in its launch year. As of this year, the game’s sales numbers have nearly reached three million across PS3 and PS4. This entry in the Quantic Dream Collection is probably the most divisive amongst critics and fans. For some reason, the story of a young woman bound to a supernatural entity didn’t resonate well with many. However, this divisiveness is most notably because of gameplay quirks, odd pacing, and the narrative’s being told out of chronological order.

Detroit: Become Human hit stores in May 2018, with review scores that favored it above Beyond: Two Souls. Like Heavy Rain before it, Detroit’s narrative is told from multiple perspectives. However, instead of a murder mystery connecting the main cast of characters, three androids in near-future Detroit find themselves caught up in a conflict between androids and humans.

For those that have missed out on even one or two of these experiences, the Quantic Dream Collection seems worth the price of admission.

[Source via DualShockers]