Evolution Talks DriveClub, Says PS4 “Packs a Huge Amount of Graphical Grunt”, DualShock 4 Sixaxis “Significantly More Accurate”

In talking with OPM, directors Col Rodgers and Paul Rustchynsky of Evolution Studios discussed DriveClub and the PS4. Firstly, DriveClub is a game that the studio has been wanting to do for almost a decade, but never had the capabilities of doing so. Rodgers said:

Sometimes these ideas are ahead of their time, and it wasn’t until the stars aligned with the ecosystem of games moving on and the launch of hardware that was powerful enough to support it, that we found ourselves in a position to create DriveClub.

Rustchynsky talked about how they were involved in the development of the DualShock 4 with curved shoulder buttons with increased travel and taller, stiffer analog sticks as major priorities. He even talked about Sixaxis and its merits as a steering method, saying:

One other thing we’ve been looking at is the Sixaxis gyro control. Obviously there was Sixaxis on PS3, but this is significantly more accurate. We’ve been looking at this as a 1:1 steering method… it genuinely does make the driving more involved.

Rodgers also talked about the power of the PS4, saying it “packs a huge amount of graphical grunt. You’ll not see vistas like this on this generation again – actually, maybe in DriveClub 2.”

The DriveClub 2 reference may have just been a way to emphasize that such vistas could only be repeated in a sequel, or it could have been a slip up and revealed Evolution’s intentions to make DriveClub a franchise. Of course, given their model, a sequel may not be needed as the studio can continuously add new cars, tracks, weather effects, etc via game updates.

Are you looking forward to DriveClub? Would you use Sixaxis for steering? Sound off in the comments.

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