Michel Ancel Talks Rayman Legends Delay, 40 Levels From Rayman Origins Being Added

Making Rayman Legends even more awesome, it has been revealed that 40 levels from Rayman Origins will be making their way into the final product when it launches August 29th in Europe and September 3rd in North America.

You won’t have to wait to play these graphically updated levels either, as they’ll be available from the very beginning, and are optional when it comes to beating Rayman Legends. Those extra levels aren’t the only new stuff that the team has added thanks to the delay and loss of Wii U exclusivity, with a soccer-themed minigame called Kung Foot being added, supporting up to four local players.

Addressing that Rayman Legends delay, which saw the Wii U exclusive pushed back until September and ported to other systems, Michel Ancel, Creator of Rayman, told VideoGamer that his initial anger over the delay “was a misunderstanding.” Originally, Michel and his team protested the delay, but “after talking more and more, we understood better the things behind the decision.”

He then explained:

The mix between the boss – the one that [makes] decisions – and us, the connection must be there. They could have decided to not put more money in the game, because it costs a lot to have a full team for six more months. But I think they believe in the franchise and somehow they believe in what we are doing.

Ancel finished up by saying, “I think [Ubisoft’s decision to port] the game was because they believed in the game, actually. Because they knew it was a great game, so it was giving us another chance.”

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