Until Dawn Seemingly Still Alive as Developer is Hiring for “a Superb Pre-Adolescent Horror Adventure Title”

Way back at gamescom 2012, Puppeteer, Diggs Nightcrawler, and Until Dawn were among some of the new games announced for the PlayStation 3. Diggs Nightcrawler has since been released in Europe, Puppeteer is out in September, but all’s been quiet on the Until Dawn front, the same kind of quiet that befell Warrior’s Lair before being cancelled.

Thanks to some findings by superannuation, it looks as though Until Dawn is still happening, as they found a job listing posted by MPG that sounds awfully familiar to one available at developer Supermassive Games, while also describing something that sounds exactly like Until Dawn:

MPG Universal – Animation Programmer

Since their establishment several years ago, this independent developer have, through careful and sustained growth, grown to a team in excess of 100 and have worked on a number of widely respected cross platform titles. Currently they are working on several PlayStation projects all at varying stages of development. They are looking for an experienced animation programmer to join their programming team (circa 50-60) to work on a superb pre-adolescent horror adventure title whose inspiration is driven from timeless horror movie classics.

Supermassive Games – Animation Programmer

We have several PlayStation-exclusive titles at various stages of development and are looking for an enthusiastic and talented Animation Programmer to help us deliver on our ambitious plans.

 We have built an energetic, creative studio where everyone can contribute to all aspects of games development. You’ll find us informal and flexible, but hard working and passionate about what we do. Our philosophy has been to foster a creative, supportive and fun environment whilst trusting people to get on with their jobs.

Looking at the latest update for the Until Dawn product page on their website, it still has a release date of “2013 exclusively to PlayStation 3,” with the opening of the description reading: “We’ve been working on this game for a while now, working with Hollywood writers and US TV talent, doing our best to bring the Teen Horror experience to PlayStation. Inspired by classic movies in the genre, we expect that Until Dawn will draw you in with its characters, killer dialogue and shocking, twisted story.”

The product page for Walking With Dinosaurs also says it’s coming in 2013 to PlayStation 3, but we haven’t heard anything new about that game recently.

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