Retro City Rampage Patch 1.03 Out Today on PS3/PS Vita, Next V-Blank Game Coming to PS4

Brian Provinciano hasn’t taken any time off from improving Retro City Rampage, it seems,as patch 1.03 (30 MB) for the game been released, amidst a sale that has it at $4.99 on PS3/PS Vita for another week, complete with Cross Buy.

As for that patch, here’s what you can expect:

  • Retro+ Enhanced Graphics Mode: Doubles the colors on screen, shadows and increased contrast makes sprites pop.
  • Prototype Version: Dubbed ‘ROM’ City Rampage, an 8-bit hardware accurate prototype has been added. With this, you can move around Theftropolis with the limitation of 1980s hardware, sprite flicker and all.
Gallery: Includes an animation viewer for character sprites, vehicles, and color palettes.
  • 3D Racer Updated: Vehicle now always drives at max speed, but you can still hold down or reverse to slow down. The player’s health points have also been increased for people having trouble.
Demo Extended.

In order to access ‘ROM’ City Rampage, check out this video:

Previously, Brian has said that he’ll be supporting the PlayStation Vita and PS4 with his future games, but today, he confirmed that “I am working on a new game which will also hit PS4,” while also stating that there’s no Retro City Rampage DLC in the works.

Are you going to download the update and play some Retro City Rampage today? Let us know in the comments below.

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