The Last Guardian “is Still Being Done” at SCE Japan, Confirms Studio Creative Director

A few days ago saw the results of Sebastian chatting up Gavin Moore, “Creative Director to Japan Studios and the Kinda Crazy Brain behind Puppeteer“, where they discussed Puppeteer, what Gavin is doing next (keywords: buddy movie, road trip, Kansas, Romania), and why the game is on PS3, not PS4.

Gavin also talked about SCE Japan to Polygon, discussing how the studio always has multiple teams working on game with a core group, while the larger group helps out with the project closest to the end. Speaking about how busy they are, he said, “Knack is being done in that studio, The Last Guardian is still being done in that studio, Toyama-san [Gravity Rush creator] is doing his next one.”

Last we heard about The Last Guardian was from Scott Rohde, Software Product Development Head at Sony Worldwide Studios America, back in June who said, “It is alive.”

Are you happy to hear that The Last Guardian is still being done at SCE Japan? Let us know in the comments below.

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