Vlambeer’s Tips for Dealing With Indies: “Microsoft, Please Look at What Sony is Doing and do That”

In case you missed the big Xbox One news yesterday regarding self publishing, and the subsequent Daily Reaction discussing how publishers try to control the media, the Xbox One will allow for self publishing.

Giving their tips to Sony and Microsoft on how to deal with indies, GI.Biz caught up with a few indie developers. A few responses included Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) saying, “the choice to self publish, or work with a publisher we choose for ourselves” and Jamie Cheng of Klei Entertainment thinking that “it’s extremely important for developers to be able to quickly and painlessly update their applications.

When it came to Sean Murray of Hello Games (Joe Danger), he explained:

With every platform now offering self-publishing we’ve got a lot of choices, which is amazing for indies like us, because with them comes the opportunity to release on many platforms. But if we need to do something completely different for PS4 than we do for Xbox One, for instance, it costs us to make it right for both platforms.

One thing that unites all indie developers, whatever we’re making, is that we don’t have the resources that large developers have. Every extra restriction and difference between platform policies puts pressure on us to expend resources on making it work. And that’s resources we’re not putting into making the games that we think players will love.

To top it all off was Rami Ismail of Vlambeer (Luftrausers), who simply stated, “Microsoft, please look at what Sony is doing and do that.”

Do you have any tips for Sony and Microsoft on dealing with indies? Let us know in the comments below.