DmC Devil May Cry Developer’s Co-Founder “Can Empathize With” Phil Fish

Before, during, and after DmC Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory launched – a reboot of the series with an overhauled Dante – there was a lot of hate coming from the gaming community. Despite good critical reception, DmC failed to be a big blockbuster for Capcom, though they did report it had “solid sales.”

With the whole Phil Fish incident that happened over the weekend, we’ve already heard a response from Cliff Bleszinski, but over on the GI.Biz comments, Tameem Antoniades, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Ninja Theory, offered up his opinion on what happened:

Being on the receiving end of the ire of gamers for DmC, I can empathize with Fish. Constant, sustained abuse over years of the most distasteful kind wears you down. To get this kind of abuse from a journalist is beyond belief. I would suggest that few people here could come out of it unscathed.

It’s easy to pass judgement on fish when you have not experienced it yourself. Fish, the one thing you have control over is the ability to create works of art. Do it. Focus on it. Get out of the social media circus and spend your energy on what you are truly passionate about, your friends and your loved ones. Everything else is just white noise.

Since we’re so far past the release of DmC, what are your thoughts on the game looking back? Let us know in the comments below – but be gentle.

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