Devil May Cry Ranked

Every Devil May Cry Ranked

Now that Devil May Cry 5 is on the horizon, it got us thinking about the entire DMC series as a whole. Which games are the best and worst? There’s a lot to love about this franchise, like its over-the-top action, fast and fluid combat, and interesting enemy design. In total, there are six entries, which carry a legacy of 18 years since the original debuted in 2001.

The quality has remained relatively consistent, with the average Metacritic score sitting around 80 for the first five entries. The series has a few different protagonists, from Dante, Virgil, and Nero, all of which have various abilities that can be used in combat. The interesting mixture of melee combat, long ranged weapons such as handguns or rocket launchers, and various transformations make for compelling gameplay that you’ll probably enjoy.

Tying the series together is the Red Orb mechanic, in which every enemy drops Red Orbs as a form of currency. The orbs can be used to purchase more health, different abilities, and upgrades that will aid you in battle, which give you a reason to go back and replay missions in order to acquire more currency.

One unique indefinable feature found throughout the series is the way it ranks your combat. You start with a D rank and as you use different combos and chain together attacks, the rating can go all the way up to SSS, which results in more points, and a higher rank on that level.

The newest entry, Devil May Cry 5 keeps up with the previous games, but adds a bit more polish, with stunning visuals, even more intense action, and some absolutely wacky weapons that give it a sense of personality.

Keep in mind, this is just an opinion, so if yours differs, let us know in the comments. Please enjoy!