Expect Watch Dogs PlayStation 3 Gameplay Footage “in the Coming Weeks,” Check out the New ‘Honored’ Trailer

August 1, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Watch Dogs has already been given some attention this week in a negative light because of the Aisha Tyler trailer that debuted a couple days ago, which looked terrible. Jonathan Morin, Creative Director on Watch Dogs, later explained how the trailer was released in that state (it was a mistake), while adding, “Current gen is better than that.”

Perhaps due to that earlier video, a new trailer, titled Honored, was released today, showing off what Watch Dogs is meant to look like:

“The lines between single player and multiplayer aren’t just being blurred, they’re being obliterated.” – PSLS

Since Ubisoft wants us to see Watch Dogs running at the best settings, we’ve only seen next-gen visuals for the title in its numerous forms. So, Kim Belair, Community Developer at Ubisoft, was asked when we can expect some PS3 footage for the game. Here’s the response:

You can expect to see PS3 gameplay in the coming weeks. When we’ve got the reveal, we’ll be posting it here.

When they do have the reveal, we’ll also be posting it here.

What are you expecting from the Watch Dogs PS3 visuals? Let us know in the comments below.

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