Dragon’s Crown becomes Vanillaware’s best-selling game, moves 300k in Japan

August 3, 2013Written by Heath Hindman

Vanillaware’s PS3/PSVita action RPG Dragon’s Crown launched in Japan on July 25, with its debut week showing over 100,000 units sold for the PS3 version and more than 70,000 for the Vita version. This proved to be insufficient for demand, however, as stores across the country have been selling out of the game. On Friday, Index Corp., the parent company of publisher Atlus, announced that in total, the game has shipped out 300,000 copies. This number accounts for copies sent to stores and copies downloaded directly from the PSN Store. This marks the strongest opening weeks for a Vanillaware game so far, though Dragon’s Crown was also the company’s most expensive to produce. Its celebrated PS2 classic Odin Sphere only managed to shift around 100,000 units total, in Japan.

If net buzz is any indication, the game is in for some more good numbers when it releases in North America on August 6th, as well. This makes it all the more a shame that Vanillaware and XSeed were unable to work something out and get Grand Knights History into foreign territories. Check out Chandler’s review of Dragon’s Crown here.