Dragon’s Crown Pro Now Available

Vanillaware’s couch co-op has returned and, guess what, now it’s in 4K. Dragon’s Crown Pro can be purchased right now for PlayStation 4, so you can grab it over at the PlayStation Store.

Now, you might want to have a gander at the Dragon’s Crown Pro features:

Visuals Fit for an Ancient Dragon – With beautifully-refined artwork and 4K resolution support, Vanillaware’s signature art style will come alive as you bludgeon, cleave, shoot, and loot through the dungeons of Hydeland.

A Rousing Adventurer’s Soundtrack – A newly recorded soundtrack by fabled composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, supported by a live orchestra, will accompany daring treasure hunters on their search for the Dragon’s Crown.

Glorious Presentation – Rejoice because English and Japanese audio options will now be available! Plus, game text will be localized in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

All the Royal Bells and Whistles – If you already own Dragon’s Crown, your saves won’t go to waste. There will be online cross-play & cross-save compatibility with existing PS3 and Vita versions. Oh, and all patches, features, and the Storyteller Voice Pack DLC from the original game will be included!

Four Player Frenzy – With the fun local couch co-op and online multiplayer you remember, up to four players can experience countless hours battling together.

Remember Dragon’s Crown Pro is all about smashing through heaps of those nasty goblins. Oh and slaying dragons with your co-op buddies. Hm, sounds like just the right game for Keri. If you want to know more about the game, check out the review of Dragon’s Crown Pro.