Shuhei Yoshida on PS4 Unboxing, PSN Name Changes, Day 1 Perks, No Sticker, No PS Vita Streaming on PS4

Earlier today, Shuhei Yoshida took care of some very serious business on his Twitter account, clearing up all questions people had about the PS4’s game streaming and recording features being behind the PlayStation Plus paywall.

Well, it’s clear that he doesn’t want to be serious all the time, having a little fun on his Twitter account throughout the day, while also confirming some more news about the PS4.

First up, with the announcement of PlayStation All-Stars Island (info on that to come via The Catch-Up later today) for iOS and Android, an exchange Shuhei had with Wario64 was brought up:


So, with Uncharted now on iPhone, someone said, “iOS/Android now a #PSVita because it has Uncharted according to @yosp,” with Shuhei jokingly saying, “Oh, yeah!”

Moving onto the PS4, Yoshida was asked if there’s a day one perk or anything with the new system. His reply was, “You’ll get bragging rights,” once again showing he was having fun, but it does seem to imply that there won’t be any day one perks included with the PS4 (which wasn’t expected anyways) – conversely the Xbox One has a ‘Day One’ edition with ‘Day One’ on the controller.

As well, Yoshida wasn’t able to confirm if we’d be seeing PS4 exclusive games at gamescom (there probably will be though). He also said that it “depends on [the] game” regarding whether PS3 users can play with PS4 users in the same game lobby on online titles.

Poking fun at the Xbox One and the fact that it includes a sticker in the box, Shuhei said, “Every PS4 will come with a Sony logo on it” and “that’s exclusive to PlayStation.” Then, addressing whether he might do a PS4 unboxing, he replied, “I think people will want to experience it themselves :D.”

One feature that people have been very vocal about is being able to change their PSN name on PS4. Shuhei answered back to one of the people asking about it by saying, “That’s people’s favorite question that I do not answer :).” Obviously this isn’t the reply everyone’s looking for, but he didn’t outright shut it down, so there’s at least that.

A couple other tidbits show that the PS4 won’t come with an ethernet cable, and you won’t be able to stream PS Vita games on the PS4.

Is Shuhei Yoshida your favorite person working at Sony right now? Or does that honor still belong to Kaz? Let us know in the comments below.

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