No PS Vita Version of DuckTales Remastered Planned, Game Doesn’t Have a Platinum Trophy Due to Points Allocation

Closing out the PSN PLAY 2013 promotion that allowed you to save some money by pre-ordering each game with PlayStation Plus, and receiving money back by making multiple purchases, is DuckTales Remastered on the PlayStation 3.

We’ll have our review up very soon (like really soon), with a Remastered on the Moon video now available for viewing:

Giving out a few pieces of information for the game on the PS Blog, Rey Jimenez, a Producer at Capcom, said that, “Unfortunately we don’t have any plans for the Vita SKU at the moment. If that changes we’ll be sure to let you know.” As well, Rey revealed that there won’t be a demo for Ducktales, with the full game taking up either 600MB or 800MB (he couldn’t recall correctly).

On the subject of trophies, DuckTales Remastered won’t have a Platinum because “there wouldn’t be enough points left for any other trophies.” Though they did consider a Platinum trophy “for a short time,” they were only give 315 points because “different size games are allotted a different amount of points.”

Are you picking up DuckTales Remastered today (or tomorrow in Europe)? Let us know in the comments below.

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