12GB PS3 Basically Confirmed by Canadian and USA Retailers, Costs $199.99 & Dated for August 18th (Update: Future Shop Confirms August 18th Release Date)

Update: We contacted a Future Shop store and they told us that the PlayStation 3 12GB system won’t be available for sale until August 18th at $199.99, and, barring any shipping issues, they’ll have some on launch day.

Original Story: Appearing just days after we exclusively let you know about the 12GB PS3 possibly coming to the United States and Canada August 18th for $199.99, Canadian retailer Future Shop has confirmed it with a listing on their website, though it probably won’t ship until August 18th:


For the United States, Engadget received the following image from a Kmart stockroom, showing that the 12GB PS3 is indeed real, and it’s dated for August 18th:


Now that this is almost definitely happening, what are your thoughts on the 12GB PS3? Do you think it’s too little, too late? Is the Grand Theft Auto V Bundle a better idea? Or is it a good entry point console for people who just play the occasional game and want to watch Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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