Ask PSLS: What Was Your Favorite Announcement at gamescom 2013?

August 23, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


With an extremely busy week in the industry nearly behind us, we delayed this Ask PSLS by a couple of days so we could give the best possible answer to this question: What Was Your Favorite Announcement at gamescom 2013?

Anthony Severino – Happy… (@Sev_Anthony)

This one’s pretty easy for me – the PS4 release date, which just so happens to be the day before my birthday and a day that I had already put in for a day off. I was planning on going away for the weekend around my birthday, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that now, since I won’t want to part with my precious, new PS4.

Cameron Teague – Go! Go! (@Cameron_PSLS)

I really didn’t feel there was any one amazing announcement that stood out above the rest. Of course the PS4 release date was huge, though I honestly figured it would be sometime in November any way. The Vita price drop on the handheld and memory cards was also a nice announcement but let’s be honest, the drop in price for both was a little bit thin. As I talked to Chandler and Anthony about, when your handheld is really struggling to sell, you need to be a bit more drastic than 5-20 bucks off memory cards and a drop to possibly $179.99 on the system.

So yeah, go PS4!!!

Chandler Wood – Tired (@FinchStrife)

Aside from the release date of the PS4, so that I can begin planning on not sleeping for the week or two following November 15th, I was really excited to hear confirmation of the first party studios working on titles for the PS4. While it’s been assumed that they were for a long time, it was nice to have Sony finally come out and just say it. I was a little bit disappointed to not get more AAA announcements, but I suppose knowing that the first party has some secret recipes cooking is enough for me.

Dan Oravasaari – It (@FoolsJoker)

The PS4 release date. That’s it.


Jason Dunning – Fortunate Son (@Jasonad21)

I know it should be something like the PS4 out in November, PS Vita getting a price drop, or games like Rogue Legacy and Minecraft coming to PlayStation, but my favorite announcement is that inFamous: Second Son is scheduled for February. While delays are always a possibility, just the fact that Sucker Punch thinks we’ll see Second Son three months after the PS4 launches makes me very happy.

And Shuhei announcing that the ‘future is bright’ after being woken up was pretty awesome, too.

Louis Edwards – Zoned (@ftwrthtx)

True Remote Play for the PS Vita and PS4. Been waiting for that since remote play was created for the PSP and PS3 many years ago. But then again, they did show pause and Remote Play for Killzone 3, but that never made it to the masses, so maybe I better not hold my breath.

Sebastian Moss – Don’t Rattle His Cage (@SebMoss)

Batman as Ben Affleck.

What was your favorite announcement at gamescom 2013? Let us know in the comments below.