Report: inFamous: Second Son Release Date set for February 2014 (Update: Confirmed)

August 21, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Update: Sucker Punch confirmed to Polygon that inFamous: Second Son is scheduled to release in February 2014 on PS4.

Original Story: Now that the PlayStation 4 is confirmed for November 15th/29th and all 33 launch games are known, we can look forward to 2014 and what Sony’ll have to offer after the system launches.

My personal most wanted game, and many of yours (judging by the comments), is inFamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch. We’ve known that it’s releasing in Q1 2014 for some time, but according to a new video on IGN, it will be out in February. This particular news comes from Greg Miller of IGN, who talked about the game in a recent video, saying, “inFamous is, as we’ve been told, a February game. It’s coming out in February.”

Just in case there was any miscommunication about the date, we’ve reached out to Sony for confirmation, but as of right now, you should expect to be playing inFamous: Second Son in February of next year.

Here’s the latest video for Second Son, showing off how you’ll use the DualShock 4:

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