DICE on PS Vita Remote Play for Battlefield 4 on PS4: “That’s Something We’re Looking Into and Working on to See if we can Guarantee it”

As one of the PlayStation 4’s launch titles, Battlefield 4 will be one of the first PS4 games that people will be able to try out via the Remote Play on their PlayStation Vitas.

Even with Sony’s insistence that all PlayStation 4 games (except those that need peripherals) would include Remote Play functionality, Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director at DICE, wasn’t able to confirm it 100% when IGN asked him if the game would include Vita Remote Play:

That is the intent. That’s something we’re looking into and working on to see if we can guarantee it.

While that may be a little vague, he did say that it is up and running on the Vita, and when asked how it feels, he said, “It’s getting there, so it’s, yeah. As always when you’re working on a game you’re still taking one day at a time, but it seems like we’re getting there.” With just over 2 months to go before the PS4 launch, hopefully they get it up and running fast!

Also as part of the interview, Lars talked about how there won’t be bot support in Battlefield 4, adding, “Who knows for the future. If the voice keeps on getting stronger then that’s something that we need to listen to.” As well, there won’t be split-screen, and while Onslaught won’t be available at launch, Lars said, “I’m happy to hear that people enjoyed the Onslaught mode, so who knows for the future.”

Would you be shocked if Battlefield 4, or any of the applicable PlayStation 4 launch titles, didn’t have the Remote Play option? Let us know in the comments below.