Ask PSLS: Have You Ever “Called in Sick” to Play a Game on Launch Day?

September 4, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


As we near the release date of Grand Theft Auto V (under 2 weeks away!), it’s clear that many people will be “calling in sick” that Tuesday in order to play the game as much as possible, with many of those same people likely doing the same on October 1st when Grand Theft Auto Online launches.

So, we wanted to make a fun Ask PSLS this week by asking: Have You Ever “Called in Sick” to Play a Game on Launch Day?

Anthony Severino – Arrogance, Thy Name is… (@Sev_Anthony)

I’m going to give the most arrogant response you could expect. Since I’m one of the few lucky ones that gets to do this full time, I don’t have to call in sick – it’s my job to play games. And I rarely play a game on launch day – I play them even before that. I know, I’m lucky.

Cameron Teague – Is the Space Pope Reptilian? (@Cameron_PSLS)

Does Shuhei Yoshida love Twitter?

Chandler Wood – Goodfella (@FinchStrife)

Once upon a time, a man named Anthony Severino tasked me with completing the BioShock: Infinite review by the Thursday morning after the game released, without the ability to get the game early. I accepted this challenge without planning on taking a day off of work. The plan was to pick the game up on release day and play it non-stop once I was off work to put out the review quickly. Ironically, I actually did get extremely sick the night before release and called in for the first time in years. I managed to complete BioShock: Infinite in less than two days (in addition to writing out our review), in between bouts of throwing up, wanting nothing more than to sleep and thinking my head would explode from the headaches. So yes, I have literally called in sick on a game’s launch day.

Dan Oravasaari – Teenage Dream (@FoolsJoker)

Yes, I have called in countless times for school and work to play video games. I can’t say I really recommend lying to a teacher or parent, but a guy has to do what a guy has to do, especially when Final Fantasy VII launches only once in a lifetime.

Heath Hindman – Koffing (@RPGLand)

Nope. I spend enough days *actually* calling in sick. Adding on extra days for game releases would make my absence a bit excessive.

Jason Dunning – Never Ever (@Jasonad21)

Well, does the fact that I’m playing Killzone: Mercenary (expect a review soon) right now and pretending to ignore Sebastian right now count? No? Okay, then I’ve actually never “called in sick” to play a game on launch day, but I have planned months ahead to make sure I never work those days.

Louis Edwards – No Fun (@ftwrthtx)

Since all I do is play video games, calling in sick would mean not playing video games. Where’s the fun in that?

Sebastian Moss – For British Eyes Only (@SebMoss)

Wait, is this why so many of you are ‘undergoing surgery’ on November 19th?

Have You Ever “Called in Sick” to Play a Game on Launch Day? Let us know in the comments below.