Rainbow Moon for PlayStation Vita Hoping to see QA Submission Next Week, Took “A Bit Longer Than Expected”

It’s been over a month since we heard anything new about Rainbow Moon coming to the PlayStation Vita, but East Asia Soft has finally broken their silence, tweeting about how they are “finally hoping to submit Rainbow Moon/Vita to [Quality Assurance] next week.”

Following this, many people wrote in to ask questions about the game, with the most important answers placed below:

  • A discount is planned for people who purchased the PS3 version, but they are “still waiting for confirmation from Sony if such discount scheme is possible.”
  • While this “took a bit longer than expected,” they are happy with the port.
  • With this QA submission announcement, Rainbow Moon on Vita is “a step closer to release. Should be out this year for sure.”
  • Keep your saved data, you can use it on your Vita!”
  • They are “seriously considering” Soldner X for PlayStation Vita, but still undecided.

We’ll let you know when Rainbow Moon gets a release date.

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