Hardware-Software Vita Combos Will Be New, Slim, Vita PCH-2000 Model in Japan

September 18, 2013Written by Heath Hindman



It looks like Sony’s new, lighter, LCD-screened PSV 2000 is being picked as the company’s model of choice. Even though the 1000 with its fatness and its OLED screen is still in production and will continue to be available, the 2000 model has become the company’s new favorite son.

I noticed this in a flier put out by Sony, which is all about the Vita’s upcoming software. In the booklet, images and info about the most hyped upcoming Vita games can be found, with special blurbs for those that will be getting their own special-edition hardware. But check out what all of the bundles have in common.

God Eater 2:


Includes Vita hardware in “khaki and black” color scheme, the game God Eater 2, an original cross and an original strap, total price of 25,960 (about $260).

Gundam Breaker:


Includes Vita hardware with white color and special design, a copy of the game Gundam Breaker, and two plastic model Gundams for a price of 29,480 yen ($300).

and even Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD:


Includes a white Vita system with the design above, a copy of FFX HD, and a copy of FFX-2 HD, at a price that has yet to be officially announced.

See that? In this list of details, every single one lists the Vita PCH-2000 as the included hardware. And only the 2000. This seems to send the message loud and clear that Sony has no intention of pulling a PSPgo-style sparkle and fade performance with the Vita 2000. It’s here to stay.

Past hardware bundles, such as the Hatsune Miku bundle and Soul Sacrifice bundle, have of course been the OLED-equipped PSV-1000 model, as it was the only Vita available.

Were you planning on importing any sweet Vita hardware bundles from Japan, or perhaps picking up any that might have come out in your local area? Does this affect your decision? Do you think it will impact the decisions of others? Questions like these are why Sebastian invented gods, and then gods invented comment sections.

(And then, according to Namco Bandai, the gods were eaten…twice.)