PS Vita TV Hands-on: Because some games deserve the big screen, and some people deserve multiple PS4s

I played Sony’s new Vita TV in a group with four people. We sat down to play a co-op round of the action RPG Soul Sacrifice Delta. (I also played this game on the Vita 2000.)

My controller was a PS3 DualShock 3, and I was playing on an HDTV (though I don’t know the exact specs). My three teammates were playing on Vita 2000s. The link up was flawless, and I never noticed any lag — and believe me, I was watching for it like a hawk. I probably looked like a mad man with my eyes darting back and forth from my TV screen to my neighbors’ Vita screens, checking for the slightest hint of slowdown. I never saw any. When a comrade fell, I even took the opportunity to watch his screen and control my character; it worked just fine. The three Vitas plus Vita TV linked together even better than I’d expected.

Hyping up the system and listing its features, a man said, “This is amazing. You can hook this up to your TV and connect to the PlayStation Network. You can play PSOne Classics like Final Fantasy VII…on your TV!” It truly is amazing how far we’ve come. Now we can finally play Final Fantasy VII on our TVs.

…Just not in HD.


…I would love to end there, but then there would be confusion. I mean we can’t play FFVII in HD because there has been no remaster or remake, not because of anything related to the Vita TV. Vita TV is more than ready for HD, as the device even serves as, pretty much, a second PS4 in your house. Oh and if you haven’t already seen the “Day with PlayStation” video, Sony made us all watch it a couple of times before we played anything. So here it is: