Yoshida Expects Post-Launch PS4 Drought, Indies To Help Sustain Release Schedule

It happens with any new console launch. Publishers prepare their games to launch alongside the new console, but fail to plan for releases three to six months after the launch window. The PS4 will be no different, according to Shuhei Yoshida, but Indie developers will help to fill the void left by larger publishers.

Speaking during a roundtable at Tokyo Game Show, Yoshida explained:

Well, by nature publishers – especially large ones – see opportunity and will always be there at the launch of any platform. Large publishers typically target that date, not two months or six months after, so it’s natural that the first peak comes at launch and then there will be a drought. 

However, Yoshida expects Indie developers to play a bigger role in the release schedule, potentially filling any gaps.

However, now there are so many games developed by indie teams, and they will spend time if they need to. So these games will be continuously released through next year, that’s my expectation.

Yoshida points to Journey and The Walking Dead as strong examples of smaller games that can help carry a platform or even move systems.

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