US/CA: Spend $50 on the PlayStation Store & Get $10 Back, Day 1 Digital Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

It feels like it’s been forever since Sony last ran this promotion, but they’ve finally brought it back, allowing you to get $10 back (up to $100) for every $50 you spend on the PlayStation Store from today until October 29th. So, you can buy anything from movies, to TV shows, to DLC, to games, with a 1 year PlayStation Plus membership at $49.99 also eligible for the $10 credit back.

A list of upcoming Day 1 Digital titles was also fully revealed, with each including some sort of pre-order bonus:

Over on the official details page of this promo, it’s detailed that you’ll receive the credit back to you via an XMB message and email with a code by November 8th, with the code expiring on December 6th.

How much do you think you’ll be spending before October 29th? Will you pre-order any of the PS3 to PS4 digital upgrade eligible titles? Let us know in the comments below.