Batman: Arkham Origins Producer Defends Season Pass, Talks About the Future of the Arkham Franchise

Responding to some of the “backlash” (how dare they give us a discount on optional content!) following the announcement of the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass and its reliance on costumes was producer Guillaume Voghel, who told IGN:

The costume DLC is going to be available with the Season Pass and it’s basically a bonus right? There’s going to be a lot of value in that Season Pass. One of the items we can’t talk about yet… we’ll just wait for the gamers to really see what the entire package contains. It’s going to be a big deal.

Voghel continued by discussing whether he’d like to create a Batman vs. Superman game, revealing how future Batman titles will be independent from the movies:

The Arkham brand is really independent from the movies and that’s something I think is at the core of its success; Rocksteady did that really well. They isolated the game from the movies and the Arkham brand will keep going in that direction if there are other entries down the line. It’s really something independent, it’s in a world of its own and it’s a franchise we want to focus on only through video games.

DC studios has a lot to say in how we develop the Arkham franchise and they have great input. It’s always going to be a collaboration between Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC, but we really want to keep it independent from the movies.

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3 and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for PlayStation Vita launch on October 25th in North America and Europe.

If a Batman vs. Superman game would happen, who would you like to see develop it? Let us know in the comments below.