Grand Theft Auto V Online Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s trophy guide for Grand Theft Auto Online! The other half of the guide for GTAV‘s single player can be found here.

There’s some good news and bad news here. The good news is that while these trophies can be a bit difficult, they can also be done in a private free roam session making them considerably easier. The bad news, however, is that most of these trophies will take a very long time to complete. Oh, and you need to be able to get online.

Off the Plane – Bronze

– GTA Online: Complete the Introduction.

After you finish creating your character, Lamar will drive you around the city. The trophy will pop as soon as he drops you off.

Three-Bit Gangster – Bronze

– GTA Online: Reach Rank 25.

See Above the Law for more details.

Making Moves – Silver

– GTA Online: Reach Rank 50.

See Above the Law for more details.

Above the Law – Gold

– GTA Online: Reach Rank 100.

This will be the most time consuming trophy in the game. You are probably looking at around 100+ hours to get this. Almost everything you do in the game will give you Reputation Points which are needed to rank up. Races are good way to quickly earn RP if you are looking to just grind through it. If you come across a mission that rewards you with a lot of RP you can replay it to boost some RP.

Numero Uno – Bronze

– GTA Online: Obtain first place in all competitive game types.

All of these wins can be completed in a private match. Some game types will become available as you rank up. You can check what games you have completed by going into the Pause menu > Stats > Awards > Victories.

  • Win Land Race
  • Win GTA Race
  • Win Sea Race
  • Win Air Race
  • Win Rally Race as driver
  • Win Rally Race as co-driver
  • Win Vehicle Deathmatch
  • Win Team Deathmatch
  • Win Deathmatch
  • Win at Darts
  • Win at Golf
  • Win at Tennis
  • Win at Arm Wrestling
  • Win Cover Target at a Shooting Range
  • Win Random Target at a Shooting Range
  • Win Target Grid at a Shooting Range
  • Completed a Gang Attack
  • Completed Survival Mode

The Midnight Club – Bronze

– GTA Online: Use custom vehicles to win  5 races.

A custom vehicle is whatever you chose to insure and place a tracker on during the GTAO opening tutorial. This trophy can easily be obtained in a private match with one other person. In the match settings select the custom vehicles to “ON” and then select whatever type of car your custom car is (sport, coupe, etc). At the select vehicle screen your custom vehicle should be there. It will say “CUSTOM” in the car’s title. Next, just have your partner let you win 5 races while using that car.

Unnatural Selection – Bronze

– GTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.

You will need to be at level 15 before you can earn this trophy. Ron will call you and give a mission to defend a location. Head to the location and you will have to fight off the waves of enemies that attack you. Defeat all 10 waves of enemies and the trophy is yours. This can be done by yourself or with 3 other people.

Backseat Driver – Bronze

– GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

This trophy will require at least 4 people. Go to a Land Race and change the race type to Rally Mode. Next, under the settings menu change your role to co-driver and your partner to the preferred driver. Communicate with your driver telling them where to go. When you win, only the co-driver will be awarded the trophy.

Run Like The Wind – Bronze

– GTA Online: Survive with a Bounty on your head.

This trophy can easily be earned with a friend in a private match. You and your friend will need to have at least $2,000, be at level 10, and met Lester. Once you are both in the private match, both players need to call Lester and place a $2,000 bounty on each other. After that, all you have to do is not kill each other and survive for 24 in-game hours. It’s important to note that doing in-game activities will pause the in-game clock.

Clean Sweep – Bronze

– GTA Online: Finish a Gang Attack without dying and kill at least 10 enemies.

This trophy becomes obtainable at level 18. Gang Attacks will be marked as red circles that cover a small area on the map. As soon as you enter the area the attack will begin. All you will have to do is kill the enemies and survive the attack.

Decorated – Silver

– GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards.

There are a total of 85 Awards. You only need to get 30 and fortunately 22 of them are just completion based. You can check what you need to do and how many you have by going in to the Pause menu > Stats > Awards.

Stick Up Kid – Bronze

– GTA Online: Hold up all 20 stores.

All of the stores will be marked with an icon on your map. To hold up a store you have to go in and point a weapon at the cashier. Keep pointing it at him until he fills up a bag with money and drops it. A store will count as robbed as soon as you pick up the money. If you are killed or arrested after a hold up it will still count as robbed and you can move on to the next store.

Enjoy Your Stay – Bronze

– GTA Online: Participate in everything Los Santos has to  offer.

You can check what activities you have completed by going into the Start Menu > Stats > Unlocks > Progress. There are a lot of activities in San Andreas but only a 10 count toward the trophy.

  • Hold up a store
  • Buy clothes
  • Get a haircut
  • Get a tattoo
  • Play darts
  • Play golf
  • Play tennis
  • Complete a shooting range challenge.
  • Arm wrestle
  • Get a lap dance from a strip club

Crew Cut – Bronze

– GTA Online: Complete a Job as a member of a Crew.

Crews can be joined on Rockstar’s Social Club or in the pause menu while online. After you’ve joined a crew, complete any available mission with a partner from the same crew.

Full Refund – Bronze

– GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.

This trophy will not be obtainable until you have reached level 50. When you reach level 50 Lamar will give you the option to hire muggers. Call Lamar and select the option “Mugger” to send him after someone. You will need to be carrying $5,000 for the mugger to come after you. This can be done in a private free roam session. Have a friend send a mugger after you and kill the mugger after he steals your money. You have to kill him before he reaches the player who sent him after you.

Dialing Digits – Bronze 

– GTA Online: Call for gang backup for the first time.

This trophy will not be obtainable until you have reached level 20. Merryweather will call you and let you know that you can call in their helicopters for back up. Go into your cellphone and call Merryweather, then select the helicopter support option. It will cost $5,000 to use.

American Dream – Bronze

– GTA Online: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle.

The Insured Vehicle you will get for free during the tutorial when you play GTAO for the first time. The easiest way to do this is to buy the apartment property on Rockford Dr. It is an apartment that comes with a garage for only $80,000. The properties must be bought online via the Dynasty 8 website in order to unlock the trophy.

If you do not want to wait to earn the money, you can buy a cash card for $2.99 off of the PlayStation Store that will give you $100,000 in game dollars.

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