Grand Theft Auto V Trophy Guide (Single Player)

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Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Grand Theft Auto V trophy guide! This guide will only cover the single player portion of the game, as there will be a separate one for GTA Online when it goes live on October 1st. Here’s our GTA Online trophy guide to get the full platinum.

None of the trophies listed here are too difficult, as most are just time consuming or story based. The Story trophies will not unlock in the order they are listed in your trophy list due to the ability to complete them at different times, with different characters – so do not worry, your trophies have not glitched. It’s also important to note that entering cheat codes will disable earning any trophies.

Spoiler Alert:  There are spoilers within this guide. It is recommended that you complete the game before reading any further if you are avoiding spoilers.

Los Santos Legend – Platinum

– Congratulations! You’re Vinewood’s biggest star!

Earn all other trophies.

Welcome to Los Santos – Bronze

– You repo’d a car and raced it through the heart of a sun-soaked metropolis.

This trophy is story related.

A Friendship Resurrected – Bronze

– With friends like this who needs enemies?

This trophy is story related.

A Fair Day’s Pay – Bronze

– It’s time for a little getaway.

This trophy is story related.

The Moment of Truth – Bronze

– You have uncovered the truth about Brad.

This trophy is story related.

To Live or Die in Los Santos – Silver

– Completed the final mission.

This trophy is story related.

If you do not have 100% completion by the time you get to the final mission, you must choose option C as Franklin when given the 3 choices. Selecting any of the other options will prevent you from getting 100%.

Diamond Hard – Bronze

– You cleaned out Vangelico to pay back Martin Madrazo.

This trophy is story related.

Subversive – Bronze

– You stole an experimental super weapon from Merryweather… and gave it back.

This trophy is story related.

Blitzed – Bronze

– You performed a classic blitz play.

This trophy is story related.

Small Town, Big Job – Bronze

– You made a big impression at the Paleto Bay Chicken Festival.

This trophy is story related.

The  Government Gimps – Bronze

– You recovered sensitive information from a highly defended federal building.

This trophy is story related.

The Big One! – Bronze

– This ain’t  no dream no more.

This trophy is story related.

Solid Gold, Baby! – Gold

– Earn any 70 Gold Medals on Missions, Strangers and Freaks.

Each mission has its own set of objectives that must be met in order to achieve a gold medal. If you miss getting a gold medal on a mission, you can replay any of them in the pause menu under ‘Game,’ but you will not need to get any objectives you’ve already completed during your first play-through.

Career Criminal – Gold

– Attain 100% Game Completion.

You can keep track of your progress in the start menu under ‘Stats,’ or use Rockstar’s Social Club, for  an even more in depth checklist. To ‘attain 100% Game Completion’ you will need to complete all of the following:

  • All 69 story missions.

 Story missions are marked on your radar and map with letters.

  • All 20 Strangers and Freaks missions.

The Strangers and Freaks missions are marked on the radar and map with a question mark. Each character has their own set that you will need to complete, and once you initiate them, there will be follow up missions marked with a letter and a question mark.

  • Complete 14 Random Events.

These are random events that will pop up as blue and red dots on the radar when you get near them.

  • Complete all 42 Pastimes and Hobbies.

Stunt plane time trials

Shooting Range: Handguns

Shooting Range: Submachine Guns

Shooting Range: Assault Rifles

Shooting Range: Shotguns

Shooting Range: Light Machine Guns

Shooting Range: Heavy

Street Race: South Los Santos

Street Race: City Circuit

Street Race: Airport

Street Race: Freeway

Street Race: Vespucci Canals

Win at Tennis

Play 9 holes of Golf & finish even or below par

Win at Darts

Get a private dance at the Strip Club

Triathlon 1: Vespucci Canals

Triathlon 2: Alamo Sea

Triathlon 3: Coyote Cross Country

Offroad Race 1: Canyon Cliffs

Offroad Race 2: Ridge Run

Offroad Race 3: Mineward

Offroad Race 4 : Valley Trail

Offroad Race 5: Lakeside

Offroad Race 6: Eco Friendly

Bail Bonds – Quarry

Bail Bonds – Farm

Bail Bonds – Mountain

Bail Bonds – Hobo

Arms Traffic Air 1

Arms Traffic Air 2

Arms Traffic Air 3

Arms Traffic Air 4

Arms Traffic Air 5

Arms Traffic Ground 1

Arms Traffic Ground 2

Arms Traffic Ground 3

Arms Traffic Ground 4

Arms Traffic Ground 5


Flight School: Training Take Off

Flight School: Runway Landing

Flight School: Inverted Flight

Flight School: Knife Flight

Flight School: Flat Hatting

Flight School: Touch Down

Flight School: Loop the loop

Flight School: Helicopter Course

Flight School: Helicopter Speed Run

Flight School: Skydiving

Flight School: Drop Zone

Flight School: Earn Your Wings

Sea Race: East Coast

Sea Race: North East Coast

Sea Race: Raton Canyon

Sea Race: Los Santos

Perform Yoga

Parachuting: Complete all Base Jumps

Parachuting: Complete all Heli Jumps

  • Complete 16 miscellaneous events.

Purchase some Clothes.

Purchase a Car Mod.

Purchase a Haircut.

Purchase a Tattoo.

Purchase a Weapon.

Purchase any 5 Properties.

Purchase a vehicle from a website.

Collect 50 Spaceship Parts.

Collect 50 Letter Scraps.

Collect 30 Submarine Parts.

Collect 30 Nuclear Waste

Walk and play fetch with Chop

Complete a Booty Call

Receive a Prostitute service

Watch TV

Purchase Stocks

Hold up a store.

Complete 25 x Under the Bridge

Complete 8 x Knife Flights

Complete 25 x Stunt Jumps

Ride the Cable Car

Use the Car Wash

Use a Fairground ride.

Visit the Cinema.

Friend Activity: Visit a Bar.

Friend Activity: Visit the Cinema.

Friend Activity: Visit the Strip Club.

Friend Activity: Play Darts.

Friend Activity: Play Golf.

Friend Activity: Play Tennis.

San Andreas Sightseer – Silver

– Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County.

A good chunk of the map is available from the start of the game, but the rest will be blacked out and will require you to travel through them before they are uncovered. Just by playing through the main story and side-missions you will get most of the map uncovered, but will still have some areas blacked out. The best way to check is just by going to the map and looking for any shaded or blacked out areas on land, simply fly a plane over any areas you are missing and make sure to clear out the coast line.

All’s Fare in Love and War – Bronze

– Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

Downtown Cab Co. will cost $200,000 and will become available for purchase after you complete the mission ‘Nervous Ron’. Only Franklin can buy this, but after you purchase it, you will receive a phone call for a private cab ride (after the cab company owner calls). Pick up the customer and do what they tell you to do as you drive them to their destination. Random customers picked up from dispatch do not count for this.

TP Industries Arms Race – Bronze

– Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.

McKenzie Field Hangar will cost $150,000 and will become available for purchase after you complete the mission ‘Nervous Ron” – once it’s purchased, complete all of the delivery missions from the hangar.

Multi-Disciplined – Silver

– Attain a gold medal in all applicable hobbies and pastimes.

Basically all you gotta do is earn 1 gold medal in all of the hobbies and pastimes. You only need 1 from each category. The applicable hobbies and pastimes are:

  • Triathlon
  • Flight School
  • Shooting Range
  • Off-Road Race
  • Sea Race
  • Street Race – The mission ‘Shift Work’ is the race that is needed for this.

From Beyond the Stars – Bronze

– Collect and return all spaceship parts.

This mission is initiated by starting ‘Far Out’ with Franklin by going to a ‘?’ on the map, this leads you to a man named Omega. He will task you with finding 50 pieces of spaceship parts that will be spread across the world, one of which can be found in a secret message on the special edition of GTAV.

Pieces of the spaceship can be found all over San Andreas, but by using Chop, you can use him to help you find the missing parts. Simply go to the bone icon on the map with Franklin and walk up to Chop and hold L2 and press R2 to get him to look for pickups.

A Mystery, Solved – Bronze

– Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.

You will have to find all 50 pieces of paper around San Andreas to track down her killer. You will need to play as Franklin when you have all 50 to go after her killer, which can be found at a ‘?’ on the map.

Waste Management – Bronze

– Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste.

After you complete the ‘Merryweather’ Heist,’ the Sonar Collections Dock will become available for sale – it will cost Michael $250,000. After you buy it, you can begin collecting all 30 pieces of waste found at the bottom of the ocean floor using a submarine. You will also be given an app called ‘Traficky’ when you buy the docks, which will act as a sonar and go off when you are near the nuclear waste.

Red Mist – Bronze

– Complete all Rampages.

There are 5 Rampages  to complete, which can only be completed with Trevor, and are unlocked after completing one of his Strangers and Freaks missions. They are marked on the map as an orange skull, and will task you with killing a certain number of enemies before you are gunned down or run out of time.

Show Off – Bronze

– Complete all Stunt Jumps.

There are 50 Stunt Jumps that you have to complete, each can only be completed by landing it correctly. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you that before each jump, but you can quick save just before attempting a jump, so that you can retry it without having to get back into position.

Kifflom! – Silver

– Complete your path to enlightenment… or not.

This trophy can only be started with Michael by going to Epsilon’s website and completing the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation. A new Strangers and Freaks mission on your map, which will initiate an email asking for a donation. This pattern will repeat a few times, so complete another mission and make a donation to their website, or just pass time until the next mission becomes available.

The mission ‘Bearing the Truth’ will require you to buy the Epsilon Robes and wear them for 10 in game days – this can be sped up by simply going to sleep. When the 10 days have passed you’ll get a text for another mission.

Eventually, you will have to walk through the desert for 5 miles with the robe still on. This is easiest to determine by placing a marker out 5 miles and walk/run to it.

After the long walk, you will have one more mission to complete and then the trophy will unlock.

Three Man Army – Bronze

– Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

The easiest way to complete this is by calling the other 2 playable characters and have everyone get into the same vehicle, then drive around the airport runway to get 3 stars, then drive up and down the area dodging cop cars until the trophy unlocks.

Out of Your Depth – Bronze

– You’re gonna need a bigger boat…

Take a jet ski far out into the ocean and get off and swim until you see a red dot appear on the radar.  Eventually, the red dot will make its way to you and handle the rest (kill you), which will unlock the trophy.

Altruist Acolyte – Bronze

– Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.

This can only be done when you are playing as Trevor. As you are driving around the city, a random event will occur, which will be signified by a blue dot on the radar. Eventually, some characters will ask you to drive them somewhere. When they get in the car you will be given the option to either take them to their destination or to the Altruist Cult, drop them off at the cult and the trophy will unlock.

Also, taking a random event passenger to the cult and not to their destination will still count as a completed random event in your 100% Checklist.

A Lot of Cheddar – Bronze

– Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.

This trophy will come over time as you play. A large amount of this will be taken care of as you are buying all the properties for all 3 characters, or as you spend money on weapons, weapon upgrades and vehicle upgrades. If you still need this by the end of the game, you can spend all of your money on stocks and then immediately sell them – just repeat this until you get the trophy.

Trading Pure Alpha – Bronze

– Make a profit over your total investments in the stock market.

Access the internet and click on the ‘Money And Services’ tab. Next, select one of the markets that will be listed. Once you have done that click on the ‘Markets’ tab. Now, click on one of the stocks listed with a green arrow and buy at least one share. Wait at least 12 in game hours and then go to your portfolio (labeled ‘My Portfolio’ online on what ever market site you bought from) and sell your shares.

Make sure your shares have a green arrow when you go to sell them.

Pimp My Sidearm – Bronze

– Fully mod a weapon.

The cheapest weapon to upgrade is the ‘Standard Handgun’. Head over to an Ammu-nation store and buy all available upgrades for it. Michael will have enough money for it when you take control of him just after crashing through the window of the dealership.

Wanted: Alive or Alive – Bronze

– Deliver a bail bond target alive.

Trevor is the only character who can do bail bond missions. These will become available after you complete the mission ‘Mr. Philips’ by going to an orange ‘?’ on the map and speaking with Maude who will set these up for you. The first mission will require you to chase somebody, but simply shot out his tires or run him off the road to get him to surrender. After that, take him back to Maude.

If he doesn’t surrender just knock him down unarmed to get him to go with you.

Los Santos Customs – Bronze

– Fully mod a vehicle.

You will need to buy at least 1 upgrade under every category at Los Santos Customs (a spray paint can on the radar).

Close Shave – Bronze

– Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.

To get the Under the Bridge challenge you will have to fly a plane under 50 bridges. The Knife Flight challenges are completed by flying between 15 buildings perpendicular to the ground. You will be taught how to perform a “knife” maneuver in flight school, by turning the plane on its side and flying sideways between the buildings.

Thank you for using our guide! If you have any questions regarding this guide or would like to provide some tips feel free to contact me on Twitter @9Richard19, or in the comments below.