Sony Responds to Mixed Beyond: Two Souls Reviews, PS4 Version Questions, Lack of Day 1 Digital Version

While our very own Dan O. may have enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls, many reviewers out there did not, with Shuhei Yoshida even sharing his thoughts on it by saying, “I visited David at QD’s office in Paris, shared my honest feedback with Beyond, reassured how much I’m excited with his next project.”

Like with most Quantic Dream titles, the reaction is always going to be mixed from the general public, and SCEA Associate Product Marketing Manager Derek Osgood responded to the varying opinions:

Many reviewers (both positive and negative) cited the difficulty in attributing a score to the game because it’s such a unique and different experience. Comparing the game to “traditional” gaming experiences is just a difficult comparison to make. I do encourage you guys to try the demo, talk to your friends who have played the game, and read the reviews in full when you’re making your decisions.

As we let you know a couple weeks ago, Beyond: Two Souls wouldn’t be available on the PlayStation Store, something Derek elaborated on:

We’re still working things out on if there will be a PSN version. There are technical details involved which limited our ability to go up with a Day 1 Digital release, but the team is still exploring a future PSN version. Again though, we can’t confirm that there will/won’t be a PSN version at a later date.

Also, if you’re still thinking a PS4 version is happening, Osgood only said, “There’s no timings or confirmations of a PS4 version at this time.”

If you did buy Beyond: Two Souls earlier today from GameStop and your codes aren’t working, don’t worry because they will be active along with the PlayStation Store update.

Have the mixed reviews influenced your decision of whether to buy Beyond: Two Souls? Let us know in the comments below.

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