Media Molecule Asks Daily Reaction: If You Were Reincarnated as a Game Character, Who Would You be?

Earlier in the year, Media Molecule asked us about cheese, and after our valuable advice, they’re back for more. Tearaway‘s Creative Lead Rex Crowle came to Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan to talk about life after death.

Rex Crowle: If you were reincarnated as a game character, who would you be?

Seb: Ooo, now this is a hard one, and rather spiritual. I guess it depends on the parameters of the reincarnation – are we the game character in their world, or the game character in our world? This requires much contemplation.

Now whenever I close my eyes, I see Nathan Drake. Beautiful, charming, and multitalented, it’s hard not to love Drake at first sight. Reincarnated in this world, he’d be able to become a Hollywood actor, destroy survivalists like Bear Grylls in the ratings, and be a video game voice actor who is in everything.

In his world, however, Drake would suffer from his usual bad luck, and I’d end up stumbling upon something dangerous that would try to kill me. I’m not sure if I’d like that. But then again, Elena and Chloe…

I would absolutely love to be Sly Cooper, Ratchet or Conker the Squirrel, not particularly because of their lives, but imagine being able to cuddle your own furry belly? Awesomeness. And in the real world, you could take that to YouTube and make a fortune.

Another character to be reincarnated as would be Cole McGrath, back during inFamous 1. Sure, you can’t go out in the rain without being in pain, and electronics are a bit of a no-go, but I’d live my life differently to Cole. Instead of either being super good or super evil, I’d try the unique tactic of being ok-ish and see where that takes me.

Next is Ellie from The Last of Us, because who wouldn’t want to have Joel as their pseudo-dad? He could hold me and I’d feel safe from anything. Oh and being the only immune person in a world of not-zombies would be so awesome. I could run up to them and dangle bits of me near its mouth, and then run up to my enemies.

Now being Dragonborn would be super fun. I get into a lot of arguments, so it’d be really useful to be able to literally shout them down. On a similar note, living as a Saints Row character like Johnny Gat would be tremendous fun, as you could do anything to anyone with few consequences… although existing in a parody world would get pretty dull, this world is enough of a parody as it is.

Wrapping up as I near my final choice, there’s Snake (just for the innuendos), Faith (too lazy to learn parkour), Super Meat Boy (steak on tap), and Sonic (rising petrol prices will no longer be of concern).

Ok, Dan’s starting to give me looks, so I better announce my final choice. Donkey Kong, because I’d easily be able to defeat Mario, finally put him on ice (he needs a break), and rule the ‘shroom kingdom. Princess, care to dance?

Dan: Well, instead of just rambling on about all of the characters I would like to be, and just picking one at random in the end, I will actually answer the question.

But first, I will say that the character that I originally thought of was Master Chief from the Halo series. The reason for this is that, as a character, he is a fully capable badass that has saved the world multiple times, and is a highly regarded hero and celebrity. But, his ability to keep his face out of the limelight does allow him to live a semi-normal life if he so chooses and that would be a big benefit in either world. I could not imagine walking around any game universe as any specific protagonist and have to deal with the attention or people just looking for help, it would impossible to do anything.

The only real drawback to being the world’s most famous Spartan Soldier would really be that, it would be up to me to save the world countless times as things always seem to just fall apart. This would become an expected part of the job of being Master Chief, but after about the 5th or 6th time, I might just let the next big threat have at. If things never really seem to get solved after trying to fix it for the last decade, it just might be time for people to realize that we’re screwed.

Looking at Master Chief as a possible choice stands up until you realize that he is little more than a time bomb that would be only set off with my despondent nature, so he isn’t a good choice.

This is why I think there is only one real choice, one character that looks at the gambit of possible choices and goes ‘I’ll have them all’. This, of course, is Kirby.

There are almost no characters or abilities that are safe from the floating marshmallow vacuum of doom and that means that he is the perfect choice. Want that awesome Master Chief helmet, but missed the Halo 3 Legendary Edition? Boom, it’s yours. Need that bit of scruff from Snake or Drake when you want to add a bit of sex appeal? Got it. Think of the possibilities, you could have almost anything you wanted, it just might require a bit of mouthwash to get the taste of some of them out.

The only real issue for being Kirby to me would be getting used to being a beachball with arms and legs, especially since I am currently 6’3”. But, if you think about the the savings from being able to ignore having a car, as you can just hop on a star and fly through the air to travel, not to mention being able to cut down on the need for space, it is worth it. Not wanting to get into details, but Kirby does have an adorable look to him and might have some skills that could help with the ladies – just saying.

Who would you want to be? Would you cuddle a pink, round Dan? Get cosmic in the comments below, pretend to be someone else by emailing us at [email protected] and follow the current versions of these writers at Seb and Dan. Oh, and get an extra life by supporting Extra Life.