Andrew House: F2P “Will be a Big Part of the Console Landscape” This Generation

On the free-to-play front for PS4 we have titles like Warframe, DC Universe Online, Blacklight: Retribution and more to keep us busy in just the first few months after the console becomes available on store shelves.

Speaking to reporters last month (via WSJ) about F2P was SCE President Andrew House:

We may well see free-to-play games on console be a much bigger factor. It will be a big part of the console landscape in this generation, but it may ramp up first in Japan because there is more experience of developing those free-to-play gaming experiences.

Adding a little bit on F2P was CCP Games’ (Dust 514) Chief Marketing Officer, David Reid, who said, “It’s only a matter of time before free-to-play gets big on the console.”

Do you plan on being a big F2P supporter in the next generation? Or will something like The Elder Scrolls Online be getting your money every month? Let us know in the comments below.